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20-Nov-2017 13:40

I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately looking out at the wreckage of the human race, which I see in full blazing technicolor each day. It has been inspired by WH Auden’s evocative poem, Looking out at all the people dying a slow death around me and who don’t even know it, I say: Merry Christmas. To the ruin of what once was a proud nation, now at each other’s throats.

I say: Merry Christmas To the young women who I see around me who were once, years ago, adorned with gold jewelry and the luscious scent of roses and lavender, Now branded with black, red, and blue ink, cartoon characters, dark symbols, permanently marking their arms, legs, even, sometimes, their faces; I say Merry Christmas to the men who have lost their bearings, their purpose, their Juliettes; who keep their heads down and mouths shut doped up on the pot that soon will be legal, For the young kids who left warm homes to live in tent cities out in the dirt. A pregnant young woman, Kate Steinle, is murdered in cold blood.

She dies a terrifying, agonizing, bloody death in her father’s arms. Male-splaining means that men, thinking that they are the center of the universe, explain in too much detail. What I’m saying is that we live in a world where most of us are left to fend to ourselves.

Apparently, they look down on women and assume that we don’t have a single brain cell in our heads. If I buy a new piece of furniture, I’m supposed to put it together.

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Something that I read recently that feels apt here: It’s from Pope Leo XIII, who wrote a treatise in l888 that condemned liberalism.

For one, many if not most of the workers around here don’t speak fluent English.