Space camp for adults

13-Jul-2017 17:45

Spring Break Camps are like an excellent 'hat trick'! But one of the many greats offered in this camp, besides the fact that we take care of your meals and dishes, is that we provide you with some opportunity to connect with your children in the outdoors. Choose one or more weeks of summer camp according to your age group.

Two groups are in training in different places while the Unbound kids can be outside or in inclement weather, using the chapel as a games area. We offer a relaxing atmosphere, a caring community, and great food.

A refreshing and relaxing time, in a Christian atmosphere with lots of activities.

Take out a canoe or kayak, ride a sailboat, challenge the wall or zip-line, play softball against our staff, or try any of our other skills or activities.

We can build the trip, do the recon, and get you through safely.

Take part of your family holiday with friends in a camp setting.

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