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But they continuously have each other’s back no matter is going on. But will they always love each other, will there always be that extra connection? TVLINE Tell me about Paige’s role in what Briggs has got going with Ari.There’s an undercurrent of love that will always be there. As part of her fight for penance, she agrees to go under with the Sarkissians based on her mistake with Colby, burning the wrong fingers [during the frame job].Our stunt coordinator was like, “Serinda, go like 25 percent,” because I was a gymnast and I do a lot of stunt training, and Val’s like, “No, just hit me really hard.” I smacked him so hard that he was like, “I though you broke my nose! TVLINE Is one of the roommates going to gravely disappoint us? was filming earlier this year in Hawaii, I was able to visit the set with a few other reporters, where we watched filming and talked to most of the cast and filmmakers.So when you have a scene like this, basically you have a conversation with the other actor about your boundaries. There has to be a certain amount of [physical contact] in order for it to play real but there has to be a boundary in order for the person to feel safe.

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It’s an incredibly ambitious idea, but one I can’t wait to see.” I’m like, “I didn’t.” There are people like, “Die, Paige.” I’m like: Calm down, people.