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27-Nov-2017 16:20

When a young woman goes missing on a nature trail, small-town journalist Claire Abbott is first on the scene, as usual.The clues to the woman's whereabouts are misleading, but Claire has a sixth sense--what the fire chief calls a "radar for crime." Trusting her intuition, Claire insists that the search and rescue team look elsewhere for clues to the woman's disappearance.This was a great addition to the Rapid Reads program.I've read several books in the program and sometimes the Rapidation (Rapid Reads adaptation) of an existing character leaves something to be desired.I am a huge fan of Gail Anderson-Dargatz so I had to read it, but I felt like something is missing so I am going to pass on the rest of the books.I do hope that Anderson-Dargatz writes a suspense novel!

My main complaint with the Rapid Reads books is that the progression of time isn't addressed.Her sense of what is right is very strong and compelling.

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