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Before debates about the Constitution began, states grappled with how to adapt the lofty ideals promised by the Declaration of Independence to the reality of slavery. Its 1780 Constitution marked Revolutionary America’s first attempt to create new legal and political arrangements that gave individual citizens rights in the newly liberated nation.Yet in Massachusetts, as in every other American colony, the constitutional promise that “all men are born free and equal” didn’t hold true for African American slaves.I’m not a dumb critter; won’t the law give me my freedom? In May 1781, the same month that Bett’s case was heard in Great Barrington’s County Court, a Worcester slave, Quock Walker, sued his former master Nathaniel Jennison for battery.Walker, likewise believing he had a legal right to freedom, had run away from Jennison and gone to work at the neighboring Caldwell farm, where the abolitionist brothers John and Seth Caldwell helped Walker find a lawyer and take his case to Worcester County Court.

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She was then charged with public indecency after the show that was originally made for My Free was posted on other sites. The incident greatly increased Sunderland's popularity, and she has continued to webcam and speak positively of it as a career.And it was individual African American parents in Topeka, Kan., pursuing educational opportunities for their children who worked with NAACP lawyers and their allies to win in 1954.