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She also said "his worst offense is forwarding one inappropriate e-mail to two friends and not exercising the good judgment to discourage his sister from sending these types of e-mails to him." She added: "The fact that he was discharged while others were suspended or received written reprimands or nothing at all, the discharge cannot stand." After state Supreme Court announces it will not review the appeals court decision, Harris returns to the classroom.

The next day, Walker asks Evers to begin the process of revoking Harris’ teaching license.

They made essentially the same attack in a radio ad released Sept. As we’ll see, this fact check turns largely on what state law said at the time about revoking a teacher’s license for "immoral behavior" -- a law that was changed, in part, because of this case. Scott Walker has all but announced he will seek a third term in 2018.

Evers, a Democrat, has won three statewide elections for state superintendent, a nonpartisan office, since 2009.

For a statement that contains only an element of truth, our rating is Mostly False.The GOP says that endangered students’ education, since they were missing valuable instruction time.In response, Mc Carthy told us that the law allows the state to revoke a teacher’s license only based on the teacher’s conduct -- not based on parents’ objections to a teacher or a district’s decision to provide an accommodation like the study hall.(Indeed, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards would make that point in successfully advocating that the law be changed.) Evers’ department did have the discretion on whether to go through license revocation proceedings, which Harris could have challenged.

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But the department decided against it after concluding, separately from the arbitrator’s decision, that his behavior didn’t endanger kids as defined by the law at that time, spokesman Tom Mc Carthy told us.

Wisconsin officials argued that the ruling was limited to Lisa Kivirist, Kriss Marion and Dela Ends -- the three bakers who teamed up with the Institute for Justice in January 2016 to challenge the ban in state court.