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When we are young, before we have our childlike wonder beaten out of us by adult life, we are at our most inventive and ambitious in our actions. Now, it’s absolutely critical to keep that early hunger I had.I mustn’t get complacent; I’ve still got to be fleet of foot and quick to jump upon opportunities.Virgin has a note-taking culture and I’m certain it wouldn’t be the success it is today without it.I jot down ideas, thoughts, requests, reminders and doodles every single day; if I didn’t I would forget them before I could ever put them into action.Further you can look forward to our regularly open auctions with cars and motorbikes from BMW Bank Gmb H and with BMWs from Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement Gmb H.Auction dates: Afternoons every Tuesday, 2.00 pm Mornings every Friday, 10.00 am With its brand, Auktion & Markt AG is one of the leading used vehicle marketers in Europe.

Some entrepreneurs surround themselves with brilliant people and then ignore them.

“If your life is one long success story it won’t make for a good read. We all have ups and downs, trials and tribulations, failures and triumphs: we just hope to come out stronger on the other side.” What follows is some sound advice Branson shares about what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Generally, we like to work fast: try ideas, see if they stick, and, if they don’t, quickly move on to the next one.

I work best when my mind is able to jump from one topic to the next in quick succession.

It keeps things lively, and it’s amazing how often good ideas for one company come out of another completely unrelated business.I’d happily invest in a company that ends up failing in order to find a young entrepreneur who will go on to change the world.