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This bottle is a light to medium amber in color, has a very crudely applied "oil" finish or lip ("globby-ness" completely - 360˚ - around the base of the finish), smooth indented base, and is 9.5" tall; these bottle date from between 1875 and maybe 1885 based on manufacturing features.This example has been professionally cleaned as most non-stained examples have been.However, this is also a very fine bottle from the late 19th century era of popularity for coca based "medicines." These were basically alcoholic beverages laced with the "active" ingredient(s) from coca leaves, i.e., cocaine. This product was a competitor to the French Coca Mariani which came in a squatty type bottle like the other example.Certainly they made the users of the products "active" as the product was very popular not only in Europe & British Isles but in the U. also...where this bottle was found (California I believe, like the other example. Armbrechts was certainly an English "knock-off" riding the coattails of the French products' very "high" (pun intended) popularity.Take a look at the very cool 1895 advertisement at this link: are probably scores Of the common Coca Mariani bottles around for every one of the Armbrecht's bottles - either of the two variations.

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With the cleaning - which did not compromise the still very bold embossing - this bottle is near mint, the only issue being some very, very minor roughness with no depth (more felt than seen) to one side of the lip rim that is likely to have been in-making.

A rare bottle for which I've seen only one example - this one. THENARD - One of my favorite of the "picture" medicinal tonics I've offered several of these over the years; all sold pretty fast and ones I've seen sell the past couple years have jumped up in price.

This one has the typical applied long tapered collar (aka "oil finish"), is about 9" tall, has a smooth domed "post mold" type base (dot in the base and vague number), and no evidence of mold air venting dating these between about 18.

This is a near mint example in the typical golden amber color these are usually seen in (done on purpose due to the "Gold" in the name?

) with no chips, cracks, or significant inside or outside staining (small splotch on the lower back).

There is also must faintest wisps of haze a couple edges inside..hard to see.

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