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"A Day in the Life...a fishing guide's diary: Up early as usual, pack the car and get going just as it gets light, heading today for the upper Wye near Erwood.

Across the Forest and over Monmouth Bridge where I take a glance left to the dead tree overlooking the river.

On the 9th AS from Newent had a really super day at Lyepole, again with the temperature around zero but with the sun shining. Given the difficult weather conditions before and after, combined with fairly high water on the Lugg, I think this was something of a triumph.

According to the catch returns, nobody was able to fish any of our rivers due to the floods for the following 10 days. Then on the 19th AB from Bromsgrove tried the Irfon's Colonel's Water.

Three cormorants are there today, sitting hunched like undertakers on a cigarette break.

This tree is a roost and a fishing platform; it's never empty.

These are the Burlington scoresheets for the potential basing of the F-35.

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More rain fell during Christmas night and the river quickly rose again.

December opened with a few days in which the main Wye was much too high, but a grayling day was certainly possible on some of the tributaries.

Next came heavy rain which put all our rivers without exception into flood, then equally heavy snowfall and a severe cold snap which seemed to disrupt life in the Welsh Marches more than any other part of the country - Shawbury Airfield in Shropshire recorded minus 13 degrees one night with a northern wind blowing.

(However, now that we have reached December, can we all agree that grayling reported are assumed to be caught on the nymph, unless I state otherwise? On the same day, LS from Walsall with a friend booked Doldowlod, but something went wrong with the system (the folks at WUF are checking) and they didn't receive the map and directions upload link.

They also experienced rising fish and of their 8 grayling, 3 were on a dry Griffiths Gnat.

CP from Clevedon tried Craig Llyn on the following day with the Rhayader gauge registering 2 feet and also managed a brace.