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She is marked only 7/0Here is another small Eden Bebe made by the SFBJ who is 28 cm, or 11 inches.

Her head is marked 8/0, and her fully articulated SFBJ body and feet are marked 2.

An early mold used by the SFBJ is simply known as the "SFBJ Paris" and that is all that is seen for its mark, plus a size number at the base of the neck. Like many SFBJ dolls, this head mold was made both in bisque and in their unique pasteboard material.

The SFBJ Paris dolls came in a wide range of sizes, including a small size which can be mistaken for Bleuette.

Earlier Fleischmann & Blodel molds were often marked "Eden Bebe, Paris,"and the size number; some have a registration mark.

Composition heads were also made, but it is unknown if they were of German or French manufacture.

She wears an antique silk dress and matching red cotton apron and bonnet.

Her human hair wig may be original, it is quite ol Eden Bebe below is marked 0 and is 38 cm or 15 inches tall.

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Above is an incassable size 4 SFBJ Paris, on her fully articulated body, with threaded glass eyes.She has a nice quality SFBJ body, and a newer French made wig of human hair.Her blue glass eyes are set, as is usual with this mold, and her delicate eyelashes are slanted.Her photo is courtesy of an Australian visitor to this website, whose mother was given the doll as a 6th birthday present by her parents in the 1920s.

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She was called Nada, and is a treasured possession destined to be passed down in the family.The hands have red knuckle lines, and the body is marked 4 on her back and on the soles of her feet.