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02-Sep-2017 19:36

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On TV, they play a sort of documentary/commercial about the beauty of North Korea... The waitresses, all of them pretty and devoted are North Korean, and once in a while, they take the mic and start singing on the podium.It is amusing, a bit like that Mandarin place I went to in Kota called De Volvo.In between, it runs through the country's capital, Pyongyang.Along the river are landmarks such as the Juche Tower and Kim Il-sung Square.I wanted to visit but they were all full unfortunately.

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He argues that hooking up with a visiting foreigner would be something a bit shameful and also something quite out of character for almost all the women there.“Flirting is common, developing a crush on someone is universal, but beyond that we would have to disappoint,” Simon wrote on the website of Koryo Tours, which operates specialized tours into North Korea.“Despite some serious efforts by some of the people on tour I have never once known of this conclusively happening.”Jeong Yong-soo, a North Korea expert and reporter at the Joong Ang Daily, also warns that tourists should not expect to hook up with a North Korean despite allegations of a booming sex trade.“I used to frequently visit North Korea as a reporter but I don’t recall anyone tourist visiting a prostitute,” he said.There are more who don’t considerchastity or honor as being worth anything in the face of hunger.This attitude goes hand in hand with the prevalence of STDs in the country.Before placing the cotton ball in the vagina, wrap string around it in a cross shape so it can be pulled out more easily,” she explains.“The next day pull the cotton ball out by tugging the string, and the womb is clean.

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The cotton is supposed to absorb all foreign substances, preventing them from entering the body through the womb.”This method has not been very effective.

He does not ask for outside help because the existence of this kind of crisis among his soldiers is extremely embarrassing,” he adds.